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Jacob Radcliffe

Owner of Curated Services

Thanks for visiting my site! As a former Army System and Network administrator, I know the importance of trusting who you have accessing your agency and client data. I have helped hundreds of agencies with free and paid support options on HighLevel and other popular CRM platforms. I look forward to helping you on your agency journey or your needs for custom apps/integrations! Scroll down to check out a few case studies.

Note: We are no longer available for client onboardings and basic GHL support. Please reach out to Growthable, Extendly or HL Pro Tools!


We are one of a few approved HighLevel developer partners for API integrations and developer consulting.


We are one of a few approved HighLevel developer partners for API integrations and developer consulting.*


We are an approved partner of Make (formerly Integromat). We can do anything on the platform including custom application builds and have multiple custom applications with thousands of connections.


We are an approved implementation partner of Product Fruits and the ONLY vendor with an exclusive script for HighLevel! This is a specialty subscription service and consulting offer to help you fight churn and build uniquely branded onboarding experiences.


We are an approved partner of Make (formerly Integromat). We can do anything on the platform including custom application builds and have multiple custom applications with thousands of connections.

Why Pick Curated Services?

If you post in various Facebook Groups looking for HighLevel help/support: 90% or more of the replies are AI / ChatGPT generated replies. These are posted by criminal rings of scammers to take the money of unsuspecting agency owners. Even if you don't pick Curated Services, make sure you put some "gotchas" in your post to detect bots. The replies sound pretty intelligent, but do not be fooled. Check out my example below:

Can You Connect

This "API/App" with GHL?

If the technology has a public developer API documentation page or they have an API documentation page behind a login screen then we can help you connect it. You can search for these by scrolling around looking for "developers" or "docs" pages. Just drop that link along with your request for a project bid in the contact block below. If the technology only has emails coming out then we will need a name or email field and email parsing tech to help push the lead into your system of choice.

Tech We Work With Frequently:

HighLevel, Air.AI, ChatGPT, ActiveCampaign, Noysi, Slack, Discord, Clickup, FirstPromoter, Google Sheets, Microsoft Products, LeadConnector, Zapier, Make (formerly Integromat), Pabbly, n8n.io, Cloudflare, Domain Registrars/DNS Providers (Namecheap, Namesilo, DNSimple, Godaddy, etc), Mailgun, Mailparser.IO, Termly, Stripe, Paypal, NMI, and any open API.

HighLevel Clients

If you are inquiring about services to support HighLevel I want to make you aware of my affiliate offers. I offer my affiliates/agencies ongoing support, help, templates/automations, and a lot more. I truly value my affiliates and actually communicate with them. Contact me if you are interested in trying to elect me as an affiliate after you signed up. Affiliates have direct access to me which is different than my support package options.

Click the link below to get access to my free onboarding course that will teach you HighLevel 100% for free even if you don't have an account!

Case Study:

Content Bug

Case Study - Content Bug

This project involved realtime data being pushed from HighLevel into Google Sheets via OAuth2 and Zapier. Advanced Google Sheet filtering and functions provided dashboards to view multiple opportunities. Additional automation was built to post in the Agencies Discord channel with bots created on Make for multiple stages.


Stockton Walbech
Course Creator Pro / Content Bug

Testimonial - Greyson Schwing
FACT Autism Care Team

Testimonial - Greyson Schwing
FACT Autism Care Team

Greyson Schwing is the technical/automations manager at FACT which is a non-profit that helps parents fill out surveys from home to assist doctors with evaluating autism. Greyson asked me for help in his Make automations to him fix various bugs and issues.

Testimonial - Tom Allen

Blue Ridge Media Company

Testimonial - Tom Allen

Blue Ridge Media Company

I worked with Tom to help him parse emails with Mailparser.io from Jobber to get them into HighLevel via Make. This allowed his client to provide better customer service and follow-up emails to help engage and re-engage customers quoted on a project.

Testimonial - Farhad Irani

Construction App AI

I worked with Farhad, a developer, to help him quickly understand the HighLevel API and how to solve advanced use-cases that are not easily researched. We reviewed a variety of internal tools and resources to help him rapidly build out and add functionality to his existing apps iframed in HighLevel.

Public Marketplace App Integrations
FREE Service!!!

  • Wanting to get a custom integration built? Don't want to pay the crazy prices of other companies for this service? We got you covered! Supply my team with the platform you need and your credentials/keys. We will then roadmap a build to get it in the marketplace. It costs you absolutely nothing.

Private Marketplace Apps

For clients seeking out private marketplace applications we strongly recommend that you use our DIY low-code tools available for purchase on


You can easily build private marketplace applications and use low-code as the backend. For private applications requiring a server we will review your project, but we are not taking on any projects under $1000 USD.

DWU Audit:


You might have bought a $2000 snapshot and you have no idea how it works. They might be loaded with automations and you have no idea how any of them work. Stuff keeps breaking and the snapshot has 50 custom fields and values littered throughout the software. This "done-with-you" audit is ideal for agencies or small businesses that need to optimize existing content that they built or purchased. This audit can help ensure you are setup and ready for a regular account or SAAS account. This can be focused hour long zoom sessions, or behind the scenes work to document existing snapshots and make tweaks/changes. We identify your immediate needs and get the system to start working for you.

Jacob Radcliffe / Staff - 1 on 1 Consulting

By the Hour or the Job Assistance - $150 per hour. 1 Hour Minimum. I can assist with a wide range of services for anything inside Highlevel. If you need help with low code I frequently work with: n8n, Zapier, Make, Pabbly and also train people to learn how to do REST/oauth2 API. I can assist with email deliverability, mailgun, domains, DNS, and Cloudflare. I also handle HighLevel SAAS consultation to help you understand how to configure your agency and set up your operations for scale. The sessions can be scheduled zoom chats or done-for-you if you provide logins to your various accounts.

*The HighLevel name and trademark are property of the HighLevel company. I am an independent marketing and tech support agency. Curated Services and its employees/officers are not employed by HighLevel, and our participation and advertisement of the developer partner program does not mean or infer that HighLevel endorses or guarantees our services in any way. Those interested in affiliating with me through Highlevel can read the terms and details of my affiliate relationship by clicking the button to read more about the company and get access to free materials.

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